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Website, it is said, “This site”) is this one for the accent Ltd. (Hereafter, it is said, “Our company”) to manage, and to provide information and service for everybody who uses it. Please use it after reading, and understanding the following notes before this site is used.

Exemption matters

Please acknowledge being not able to assume the responsibility of the trouble, the loss, and the damage that occurs because of not the one guaranteed for accuracy and completeness but publishing information though our company descends to information published in this site with scrupulous care.

About the copyright and other intellectual property rights

The copyright of all content (information, trademark, and design, etc.) published in this site and other intellectual property rights belong to the cooperation company that is related to the management of our company or this site. Therefore, our company cannot use, and reproduce without permission.

About the link

  1. About the link from this site to another sites

    It is likely to be able to move from this site to another site by the link and the banner, etc.Please acknowledge that our company cannot assume the responsibility of the content etc. because the moved previous site is not what our company manages it.

  2. About the link from another site to this sites

    Please acknowledge that our company assumes neither the obligation all nor the responsibility even if some troubles are caused because the link was set to our company by any chance.

  3. About the description concerning the prospect in the future

    An actual result is not necessarily corresponding though the matter concerning the prospect of the achievement etc. in the future might be included in information published in this site.

About Javascript

In this service, there is a page that uses JavaScript. When the JavaScript function is invalidated by a browser used, it is likely not to be displayed not correctly functioning or nor correctly. Please make JavaScript effective by the browser setting when seeing.

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